Skip Hire Tips

When filling your skip a little forethought can save you a lot of hassle. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your skip hire.

Big Items First

Load the big, heavy or odd shaped items first so that you can organise them in the skip to take up the minimum amount of space. As the skip fills it will become increasingly difficult to load larger items in an organised and efficient manner.

Break Items Down

If you have big items with open spaces within them, breaking them down will minimize the amount of space these items take up. This can also apply to odd shaped items. More likely than not space will be tight before you’ve managed to load everything planned so remember to apply this tip from the very first item.

Fill Your Skip Evenly

Avoid filling up one end of the skip to the top before adding items to the other end. Your pile will likely collapse and create a mess. Instead, fill it evenly from the bottom up, distributing the weight of the big, heavy items consistently.

Loose Waste Last

It's best to add your loose waste last, using it to fill empty spaces between the bigger items. Adding loose waste first leaves you with less space to organise your bigger items properly and with nothing to fill any remaining gaps.